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Has anyone like...

2013-03-08 11:44:26 by EDGe0wnz

Tried to reverse a burp?


2012-12-15 06:39:30 by EDGe0wnz

Oh dear, I'm ever so gray, dusty and shelf reserved.

I'm nothing but dirty shoes reserved for younglings.

Ya hah ahd awd

2011-07-26 13:13:25 by EDGe0wnz

If you're blue, and you dunno where to go then why dont you go where fashion cums.


2010-11-13 05:50:39 by EDGe0wnz

Just write Derp.


2010-10-30 10:21:50 by EDGe0wnz

Dis name always sucked.


Completed Kai Spritesheet

2010-10-14 14:25:18 by EDGe0wnz

Here yall go, i did not start kai.

i wanted to make some full views, shading and all, so i guess this is the completed Kai spritesheet organized and completed (made some views and characters) by me.

use it, or dont.

Stick Jump Test
mai first try at stick... thingy yall.

EDIT: screeny, fo shizzle.

EDIT (mundai i think): Made Hiii111 a v-cam for his part two of Absention, and made about 40% of the names of the camels on his page, lol Enola....


Completed Kai Spritesheet

Getting over it.

2010-10-07 16:11:23 by EDGe0wnz

probably all of you got annoyed that i made my post dedicated to my crappy life and dead pets, so here is a screeny, im getting over all the bad stuff now.

hope you all have been doing good.

Screeny for part 2 for zunder, and yes zunder i am doing a part 2.

Started on part 4 for raptor, took a break from part 3 i just had to make the 4th, screeny below mfkas. oh and new sprites.

Getting over it.

Rest In Peace Pets

2010-10-06 15:32:46 by EDGe0wnz

Well, i just found my sisters cat (the first born son of my cat ''Flickan'') dead in the ditch with a crushed skull and a smashed head, the very last cat
i had at my dads house, im not sure if the others are alive, some escaped as babies, some died from crows, some were... well they past away because of my dad's stupid and mindless behavior.

there isnt alot left in my life exept my sister and mom, you should all be happy if you got a good Childhood.

Madness day was teh best.

2010-09-24 07:52:14 by EDGe0wnz

Okai well i believe its time for another post, does any1 liek chocolate? well i dont care.

Done with raptors second collab part, pretty fast one... the third will be long, OI PROMAS YO!!

many good stuff was on madness day... just wish i had more time to make a good movie or sumthing, expect much better things next madness day!

Made another spritesheet.. getting a bit confusing now.

Btw Alpha-Nuva, that toon was really great, i didnt get anything! so it one of the best i've ever seen!!!
No Sence + Mindless Gore = Madness Combat.

Oh man, that was the first time i made math with madness PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!

Guess its just Raptors and Zaracam's Collab left and Gabriel barsch's MUC 5

new Sprite be below mfkas...

EDIT: started on raptors third parteh poo... and this will be longer than the others. oh and im done with Gabriel's first, although he hasnt responded if i could join but since he invited me i think i can. ENJOY DAH SCREENY (even if u wont).

R.I.P Flickan
My cat which was pretty much my best friend when i lived at my dad, she past away 2 years ago, i couldn't think of anything to do for her, so i really miss her and im gonna try to do what i can to not feel guilty about that i didnt make anything after her death. she was just my best friend, i was the only one who cared about her, she was one of the best cats ever.
Always thougth they had 9 lives, turns out they dont, take care of your pets, and cherish them. i wish i could do more for mine.

Madness day was teh best.

Happy Madness Day

2010-09-22 11:53:46 by EDGe0wnz

Happy Madness Day all madness fans! this is completely the best one yet, This was obviously the best collab anyone has ever seen.


So other news might be that my first part for raptor is done, starting on second part for him, screeny below.

happai madness dai.

Happy Madness Day